Home Inspection is a Must When You Are Buying a House – Home Inspections

A home inspection is a must when you are buying. If you have ever purchased a used car that gave you nothing but trouble, you probably looked back with regret for not taking it for an inspection before you bought it. You ignored the wise counsel to seek out an objective third party’s expert examination, and it cost you in the long run.You definitely do not want to make that same mistake when you are in the market for a house. You may love the place, but this is one time you do not want your emotions to get in the way. You are making a much larger investment with even greater consequences than buying a used car, and you can not afford to make a mistake. In fact, it might be one of the largest investments of your life, and you want to be sure you are thinking ahead to the future because this is the place you will be calling “home.”That is where a home inspection comes in. This is simply an objective visual examination of the physical structure and systems of a house, from the roof down to the foundation. An inspector should give you a report that will cover the condition of the heating system, central air conditioning system, interior plumbing and electrical systems. He will check out the roof, attic and visible insulation, as well as walls, ceilings, floors, windows and doors, including the foundation, basement and structural components.This is not one of those tasks you should try to do yourself. Even the most experienced homeowner lacks the knowledge and expertise of a professional inspector. You need to hire a professional because he is familiar with the elements of residential construction, maintenance and safety. You need someone who knows how the building’s systems and components are supposed to function together, and even why they might fail. Let’s face it. You will not be as objective about the house as an inspector. For such a significant event, you need someone whose judgment will be fair and accurate.One thing is for certain. You do not want any unpleasant surprises when contemplating the home you are hoping will soon be yours. An inspection will help you learn about it, whether it is an existing structure or one that is newly constructed. An objective review can help identify any need for major repairs or can spot builder oversights. You will also discover what maintenance will be needed to keep it in good shape. Afterwards, you will know more about the house and can make decisions about it with confidence.You will be glad to know that a house does not pass or fail an inspection. It is simply an examination of the current condition of a dwelling. It is also not an appraisal that determines the building’s market value. Nor is it a municipal inspection used to verify local code compliance. A home inspector will describe the physical condition and indicate what components and systems may need major, or minor, repair or replacement.