Buying Or Remodeling a Home in Today’s Market – The Value of a Home Inspection – Home Inspections

Buying or remodeling a home? Both can be a pivotal part of a long-term, wealth-building strategy. As part of that strategy, getting a home inspection can help ensure the soundness of your investment, or at least alert you to potential issues you may want to address. It is exciting to find that perfect new home or to picture how the new addition is going to enhance your current home, but don’t let the excitement of the moment or the potential cost diminish the importance of getting a thorough home inspection.Home inspections are not free, but are they worth the money? In most markets and for a typical single-family home, you can probably expect to spend from $300 to $400 on an inspection. Yes, you can buy a home and skip the inspection altogether or even get your brother-in-law to look the house over for you, but given the price of buying or remodeling a home today, it’s probably penny wise and pound foolish. Consider paying a professional to do a professional job.A competent home inspector will, among other things, test the major systems in the home like the roof, HVAC, plumbing, etc., and provide you with a written report detailing his/her findings. Even if you accept the house “as is”, the inspection and the inspection report report will help you understand how to deal with any issues and help you properly maintain your new or remodeled home. In a best-case scenario on a purchase, you may be able to negotiate some or all of the repairs with the seller before you close. If you’re remodeling, a good inspection might reveal some problem area(s) that could easily be addressed during construction.Spending significant money on any home is a long-term investment, and a home inspection is no different. In the scheme of things and considering the potential cost(s) of not getting one done, a home inspection is money well-spent. Even in new construction, a home inspection can save you aggravation and maybe even save you money. Just because a municipal inspector passes something, doesn’t always mean it’s done right.How do you find an experienced, competent home inspector? One good way is to talk to local Realtors, friends, or maybe a neighbor who recently bought their home. Also look for some type of certification, like membership in the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI).