Marketing Ideas For Realtors

This is not your father’s real estate business anymore. Gone are the days to meet any warm body requirements for a mortgage and get whatever price you need for your sales clients. Appraisers worry that they will be sued for inflating home values and by the scandals that rocked Northeast Ohio in the district appraiser’s offices, you will be lucky to get anything close to the value you think should be for the value valued at your home. What are some good marketing ideas for realtors in the current real estate market?

If you do not already have business cards in the hands of your last ten sales or satisfied buyers you are really missing the boat. Word of mouth referral is the single most cost effective way to get new clients and is still one of the best marketing ideas for realtors to this day. By giving cards and offering a monetary (gift card) reward for referrals you will get a steady stream of new buyers and sellers over the course of a year. Periodically keep in touch with former clients to see how they are doing in their homes and remind them that they can make money sending people to you for your realtor services.

Other marketing ideas for realtors include sponsoring mortgage symposiums for new home buyers to help them understand the ins and outs of getting a mortgage approved. As a realtor in today’s market you have to provide additional value other than getting the buyer and seller together and negotiating a price. If you can show prospective clients that you are going to be a partner that can offer added value before and after the sale you have a better chance of getting new clients and selling more homes and properties.