Some Important Things to Do when Selling House Without a Realtor

Do you want to sell a house by yourself? I mean you Sell Your House Without a Realtor. If so, then it was a brave but profitable decision. Selling a house is not an easy matter; this job is usually done by professional and trained realtors. How? Are you sure to sell it yourself? Of course you have to be sure. There are several abilities you must have to sell a house; they are high motivation, knowledge, and internet skills. These three capabilities will assist you in conducting thorough research, inspecting your home, determining prices, promoting your home, and offering your home.

Research is the best way to get important information in everything, including when you sell the house by yourself. Data and information are needed so that you are not wrong in making decisions, for example important documents needed when selling a house. You can do research on the internet or ask the realtor about it. Some important documents that must be prepared before selling a house include insurance documents, title and ownership documents, etc. Use the internet power to browse valuable documents related to your home. This document is very valuable which will show the buyer that you are the rightful owner of a property. Store all original documents correctly and copy them in a different place. Not only doing research related to your home documents, you can also find the best way to attract buyers with various attractive offers.


After important documents are stored correctly, the next step is to do a home inspection. You can do your own checks on minor matters and use the services of a home inspector for overall home records. The objective report from the professional inspector can be used as a basis for repairs; this report is also needed by the buyer to see the latest condition of the house. Let the buyer see the report to find out the improvements that have been made. This report shows that you are an honest seller and intend to provide the best service.

Next, let’s talk about the property prices. Determining the price of a property for sale is not easy, you cannot determine it based on your desires. The wise way is to do a survey, look at some homes for sale that are similar to yours. Do not let yourself determine the price of a house is too expensive because it will make your home unsold on the market. If your house is not sold for a long time, this will lead to negative assumptions. The buyer will assume that your house is not worth selling and there is a lot of damage, even though you have done many things to improve. So, do we have to offer low prices for our property? That is also not quite right, lower prices from the local market will raise many questions. The buyer might be doubtful about some things such as the physical condition of the house, the quality of the house, the legality of the house, etc. Determine the price according to prevailing in the market, if you have difficulty you can take the services of a real estate consultant. But, it requires additional costs.

The next task for those of you who intend to Sell Your House Without a Realtor is to carry out promotions and final offers. My advice is to promote your home in real estate MLS listing for a small fee, this is important so that everyone knows that your house is ready to sell. Don’t just use one promotion method, do various things. Promote your home in many ways such as direct sales, working with several cash home buyers and real estate investors, participating in property exhibitions, posting on all social media for free, email marketing, creating blogs, bringing traffic to blogs, advertising on GoogleAdwords and Facebook Ads, advertise on property buying and selling websites, etc. After a buyer is interested in your home and agrees to an agreement, you must prepare all the paperwork. Be prepared for unexpected things like delays in agreement and closure.