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Home Inspector Gives Tips on Water Main and Doors

If you are the slightest bit handy around the house you could save yourself thousands of dollars by taking care of the 10 most common repair problems. We’ll cover two of them here.

Let’s start with the main water valve. It is very important to know where the main water valve is and where to shut it off. You never know when a major problem will happen with your water. For example, a pipe could freeze up and break in the winter. Or you just may have a pipe break because of age.

So knowing the location of the main water valve is very important. Put a tag on it saying that this is the main water valve. Then show it to family members so they know where it is and how to shut off the main water valve in case there is a problem. This may save you thousands of dollars. Make sure that the valve turns easily so that anyone could shut it off if necessary.

The second simple repair is those pesky doors that stick. I am not talking about doors that are out of square because of a structural problem. I am talking about those doors that rub and have sticking problems. Let me give you the two main causes of doors sticking.

One of the easiest things to check and to fix is the door hinges. Sometimes the door hinges come loose over time. There is a very simple fix if your door hinges are loose. Just take a screwdriver and tighten up the screws that hold the door. This will tighten the door up and let it fit properly in its position.

Sometimes you will find that the screws will not tighten up but there is no reason for alarm. Here is a very simple way to fix that problem. The first thing you want to do is support the door because you want to take out all the screws that are holding the hinges.

Now this is the most expensive part. Take a little bit of glue and some toothpicks and stick them into the screw holes. Let the glue dry for about 20 to 30 minutes and then put the hinges back together. I know this may sound strange but it really is an old trick and it works very well. You will be very surprised how well it works.

The second problem with doors is between summer and winter. In the summertime you will notice that the door and frame swell and cause the door to stick and in the winter time the door works fine and has no sticking or rubbing.

On this particular problem where the door is swelling you can try and check the hinges first. But if this does not work you can buy a very inexpensive tool that costs under $20 and can be purchased at any hardware store. You probably can just borrow one from a friend. This particular tool is called a block planner hand rasp.

It looks like something that you would cut cheese with but I do not suggest that you do that. What you want to do is leave the door open and mark the door where it is rubbing. Once you mark the door you can start planing that area. Keep planing until the door closes properly. When you plane the door you are removing small portions of the edge of the door at a time.

This will only take a few minutes and you will find out that you do not have to remove very much material. If the door is real bad and you can not get the door to close then you might have to get a professional carpenter to look at your door problem.

Most likely with just a little planing your door will be fixed.

If you are buying a home, be sure to work with a professional home inspector who will examine the residence and let you know of any items that could turn into major repairs.

Top Six Tips for Hiring a Commercial Property Inspector

People hire commercial property inspectors for one of several reasons:

• They are about to purchase a building and want to know if they are making a sound investment.

• They own a building and want to protect their investment through prevention instead of repair work.

• They are about to sell and want to know the true worth of their property.

No matter the reason, having a competent property inspector is crucial for knowing how structurally sound a building is. The following tips are to help commercial investors, buyers and owners protect their financial investments.

Top Six Tips For Hiring a Commercial Property Inspector:

1. Make sure they are licensed.

2. Check reviews on social media sites like Yelp and Google Reviews. While business owners can control the information that appears on their personal websites, they can’t control what people say on social media sites. This is generally where you’ll get the real story about a business. Do keep in mind that everyone has bad days and most businesses will have a bad review. What you’re looking for is the general consensus.

3. Talk to references. While references tend to be people who have had a positive experience, they can help you determine work styles and ethics of a potential property inspector.

4. Ask what type of equipment they use. In this day and age every commercial property inspector should be using a thermal imaging system to do inspections. These help determine water leaks and air leaks. Don’t be afraid to ask for credentials to ensure your inspector has been trained on his/her equipment.

5. Before you set up an appointment ask whether or not they take credit cards. Many commercial and home inspectors are family run businesses and do not accept Visa or MasterCard. Be sure to ask first if you plan on paying by credit card.

6. Be clear about what exactly is covered in the inspection. Commercial inspections are more thorough than home inspections, however inspectors are not required to move or lift obstacles that have the potential to injure them, nor are they required to expose themselves to hazardous areas such as mold infestations.

If this is your first commercial building investment, having an inspector perform a Property Condition Assessment can save you thousands of dollars in potential repairs on a property. Know what you’re getting into before you make any deals or purchase any property. For those who currently own property, maintenance repairs and preventative fixes are always cheaper than repairing major structural damage.

Home Inspector NYC – Efficient Inspection Assured

Owning a home, which you call your own! The pain of not owning one can only be felt by those, who either have lost their homes forever due to some disastrous political development or otherwise. Buying a new one however, is not without its associated risks as the buyer would like to go for a perfect deal only. In this backdrop, one is effectively helped by the services of a home inspector in NYC, who prepares a categorized report on the condition of a house. The entire procedure is taken care of by efficient services of a home inspector in New York, who sees to it that you are able to select a perfect home for yourself. An intensive research is necessary on the part of a buyer to finalize a deal in which due care has been taken to include the choice of location, the facilities around, the condition of a house itself etc.

Before procuring a perfect piece of property, it is necessary to go for a proper research mechanism which helps one to get a clear idea about the performance of home inspector. It is important for personnel like home inspector to be thorough with the knowledge of home inspection, which only comes with the years of experience. Home inspector NYC offers services which are in tandem with the specific needs of a buyer. A step by step approach results in a beneficial deal for you, which actually is the outcome of their in-depth knowledge in other related fields such as real estate, engineering and construction. The actual test however, comes when the authenticity of these home inspectors need to be verified and in this endeavor, internet comes forth as the savior. In addition to this, one can also contact the erstwhile clients who can provide you with a fair idea about the services of home inspector NYC.

There are many parameters connected to the house buying procedure. Usually, it is found that a number of modifications and extensions are added to the house before following the electrical inspection rules. However, going for the services of home inspection professional ensures a thorough inspection of the property before being purchased. A major area of concern related to buying a house is the costs involved, but this factor has also been taken into consideration by the home inspectors in NYC. Understanding that the specific requirements of buyers should be in tandem with the inspection costs, they have come up with charges ranging from $300 to $500 which are quite affordable by any means. One more thing! You should demand a categorized bill, which provides you with an exact idea of their services.

The home inspector in NYC helps in the selection of a deal that satisfies you on all counts. Generally, a home inspector’s itinerary is full with the tasks related to home inspection like inspection of walls, roof, ceilings, drainage systems, electrical connections, attics, exteriors and the interiors. These very parameters come in handy while selecting a house of your dreams. The onus of checking the faults while buying a house rests with the buyer as the seller can’t be blamed in this case. Once the safety standards of a house are confirmed, the home inspector examines all the attributes of a perfect deal so that it proves to be an ideal investment for you.